A Bridge

Over Troubled Waters

Pets and People Together

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We’re rallying pet owners and pet lovers to take action to help keep pets with their families. Strong bonds between people and pets make for stronger communities and ease the burden on animal shelters. Pets and people belong together

The Problem

Donations to small local, non-profits are down significantly. The impact of this decline has been especially painful for small, local non-profits.

In the retail, manufacturing and service industries, competition from retail giants and national companies in the service industries has seriously reduced the likelihood of survival.

The Solution

Build A "Community"

Links4.net fosters alliances among small, local non-profits and local businesses, using the power of the internet. Links4.net revitalizes the concept of “community”, a key element of stable societies.

Fact: About Businesses in Connecticut

33% of small businesses in Connecticut have closed since March, 2020 according to a study conducted by Opportunity Insights a research and policy institute based at Harvard University. Reported in The Wall Street Journal

Fact: About Non-Profits in Connecticut

A new survey showed Connecticut’s nonprofits scrambling to stay afloat in the pandemic, with two-thirds having cut services and one in five unsure if they can meet payroll. The analysis, prepared for the CT Community Nonprofit Alliance, also found that 67% of organizations were unable to hold fundraising activities while others face declining donations or had philanthropic grants placed on hold. Reported in The Ct Mirror